George Hobson

Professional worldwide magician George Hobson travels the UK, and beyond and is looking forward to perform at your event.

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Travelling the UK & beyond sharing the impossible.

Uri Geller says: “I highly recommend George for any event.” and personally welcomed him into his home to learn the secrets guarded for a lifetime.
George has performed his close-up magic for many high-end renowned companies. He was also privileged to perform at the biggest endurance race in the world, Le Mans 24 hour. Where Aston Martin Racing hired George as their resident magician.
As well as corporate events, George performs magic at countless weddings and private parties where he entertains guests and leaves them going home saying “how did he do that?”


George has been performing magic for over 10 years (yes he was young when he started). The Christmas of 2003 was when Father Christmas decided to give George a ‘Marvin’s Magic Box’, and over a decade later that magic box has lead George to perform his magic to tens of thousands of people, in locations he could only dream of as a child.

He has been taught by the likes Paul Daniels and Uri Geller, who have urged George even further in the world of magic to create that special moment for spectators that will amaze you, bewilder you and never leave you.

Born and raised in the heart of Yorkshire, George now travels the world to performing at events. There is no event to close or too far that George will perform at.

International Magician


Having a magician at your next big event is a wise idea.

George’s close-up magic is a worldwide successful phenomenon. From the sunny Balearic Islands, Le Mans 24 hour to Country Estates in the heart of Scotland. These close-up illusions really do have to be seen to be believed. Just imagine a coin bending in the palm of your hand, your mind being read like a book and cards being pulled out of phones.

Having a magician at your next big event is a wise idea, let me explain. At any event there shall be people who won’t know anyone, having George wonder around performing his close-up magic at the tables of your birthday party or the drinks reception of your wedding will entice guests in and allow them to interact with each other. Therefore they will be going home saying how fantastic your event truly was, being able to make new friends and enjoy the event even more.

To contact George to discuss your next big event then please get in touch today via the contact form or phone at any time. Let’s make your next event truly magical.


Captivating plots with a charming humour has proven to be a successful formula for this original performer where George-Hobson's "one of a kind" presentations has been wowing them in theatres, clubs and corporate events.

Mentalism-Comedy and Magic combined with a comic perspective takes centre stage in this unique act. Armed with a track record of highly satisfied customers, that include the likes of; Hull City FC, Barclays, Welcome to Yorkshire, and many more.

His skills and masterful comic creations have been greeted with great acclaim. Their minds are read, funny-bones tickled and of course they will participate in, and witness state of the art magical entertainment. George is now taking his show to a wider "Worldwide" audience, or as George puts it "have a great show, will travel”.


See What Clients Are Saying About George.

George Hobson uses his skills and talents in the most amazing magical manner to astonish his audience, he is both charismatic and a wonderful performer! I highly recommend him for any event.

Uri Geller

TV Mentalist

George Hobson is one to watch! This young magician is captivating, entertaining and talented. At Welcome to Yorkshire, we are proud to have entertained many distinguished guests with the help of George and we look forward to supporting him on his journey.

Gary Verity

Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire

George has made a great impact on our match day customer experience and delivered a high quality, fun routine with his array of magic.

Simon King

Hull City FC

“What George does is unbelievable, highly recommended!

Aston Martin Racing




If you have any question or you need help or if you would like to work with me, don't hesitate to contact me, I do magic, I don't bite.

Phone: 07851111919